Ten days until Revolution returns. Ten days until secrets will be revealed and questions will be answered. Who will fall? Who will rise? And who’s going to hold the power in the end and lead the world out of the darkness into the light?

10 Days of Revolution

Day 10 - Which team are you on? Team Matheson, Team Rebel or Team Militia?
Day 09 - Favourite episode so far?
Day 08 - Who is your favourite hero?
Day 07 - Who is your favourite villain?
Day 06 - The character you relate to most?
Day 05 - Favourite OTP/BrOTP/3OTP/friendship/hateship/mixship?
Day 04 - Your favourite storyline?
Day 03 - Your favourite quote from show?
Day 02 - I didn’t see that coming moment?
Day 01 - What is your favourite revelation so far?
Day 00 - Your predictions for the next episode(s)?