20th April 2014 23:46
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you are brave.

you are a rebel.

you are many things.

20th April 2014 14:33
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Hi! I'm loving your Bellarke fics! Do you take requests?

Yes, of course! Send me a scenario or just an one-word-prompt, a song or a poem or a single sentence - basically anything that is an inspiration for the writing muse. :D

20th April 2014 14:11
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The 100 1x04 - ‘Murphy’s Law’ | Bellamy & Clarke [Part 4/4]

we make the rules

20th April 2014 14:05
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The 100 1x04 - ‘Murphy’s Law’ | Bellamy & Clarke [Part 3/4]

we don’t decide who lives or dies. not down here.

20th April 2014 13:05
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The 100 1x04 - ‘Murphy’s Law’ | Bellamy & Clarke [Part 2/4]

this is on you, princess

20th April 2014 12:50
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The 100 1x04 - ‘Murphy’s Law’ | Bellamy & Clarke [Part 1/4]

look at what we’ve achieved

20th April 2014 11:46
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WonderCon 2014 Update - Vids & Interviews

A compilation of vids & interviews with the cast of The 100 from WonderCon 2014.

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Promoting CW_The100 Livejournal Community

Weekly episode discussions, promo & episode stills, news, interviews, fanworks, etc.

We have it all! Come and join us at cw_the100 @ livejournal.

18th April 2014 22:24
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Can you write another Bella re fanfic? I loved your last one. XD

I’m so glad you love it! <3 And yes, there will be more Bellarke fanfics! :D

18th April 2014 20:11
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The 100 | A Matter of Time [Bellamy/Clarke]

Summary: Their story is kind of like one of those five-act plays that her father loved so much.
A/N #1: Intentionally, I was going for one of those five+one things but then it all turned upside down and I’m not even sure I’ve got that five-act play thing right. *facepalm* ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy it! :D
A/N #2: To all those who commented, left kudos, fav’d and bookmarked my first story: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I never expected such an overwhelming and positive response. You’re all kinds of awesome! :)
Archive: AO3 | FF.Net | LiveJournal

Clarke’s using the water basin behind the ship to clean up after having just saved Jasper’s life for a second time in a four-hours surgery with nothing more than the contents of a med kit and guided by her mother over Raven’s radio when she’s hit by a dizzy spell. Her vision blurs and she sways on the spot, groping blindly for something to hold onto.

“Careful,” it sounds to her left and and she feels hands gripping her shoulders to steady her. She keeps her eyes closed and waits till the world has stopped spinning before slowly blinking up at her savior to find Bellamy watching her closely, concern written all over his face.

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