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Hii! I am so anticipating the finale! I am dying to talk to someone about it! What do you think is going to happen to Tom's family? Do you think they'll die of the virus? I'm not sure what i think.

I’m always ready to talk! ALL THE TIME. :D

As we’ve seen at the end of 1x09, Tom’s wife (I always forget her name and feel so bad about it) seems to have been infected and probably spread the infection to their kids.

My guess is that Tom’s father will finally get through to the Nathan James and tell Tom about it, who will set out to get to them in time but ultimately will be too late to save his wife. His kids however will be cured.

Questions is where his kids will be in season two. Either they stay with grandpa!Chandler or they all come onboard. Which would also lead to grandpa!Chandler finally meeting Rachel (if he doesn’t already meet her in the finale).

I feel terrible for hoping Tom’s wife doesn’t make it but then again, she’s one of those characters you barely know and can’t really relate too. I’d hate for kids or his father to die though.

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Gosh, you are so so right! The fact that they gave us this makes me hopeful we’ll get more…

I want more moments like this too. Those non-romantic and quiet ones, where they open up to each other and slowly grow closer, this slow-burn of from-strangers-to-friends-to-lovers, until they both realize their feelings for each other run deeper than simple friendship.

Give me all that!

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this is so perfect i could just throw my phone in the air and run in circle all sqquueeeee

Awww, I’m glad you think so! <3

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The Last Ship - 1x09 ‘Trials’ | Tom Chandler & Rachel Scott

we don’t just have a vaccine. we have the cure.

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AHAHAHAHAHAH I DIDNT PICK UP ON THAT OMG THIS IS EVEN BETTER… how many kiss and hug does he have to see before he gives up ahaah


He barely survived watching them kiss, and now having to witness that hug is another blow, especially since he’s the one who deserves a hug after what he put himself through. Poor Tex.

(I need him to call them out on it, either seperately or together, but PLEASE, give me those scenes.)

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severusalways said:

"Anger and unexpected rush of want" Great, I have to re-watch this scene again. My non-canon otp feels.

I could rewatch it every five minutes and still flail like I did the first time. Stupid OTP going overboard.

Chandler can’t say anything unless he wants to compromise the whole mission and thus he has to communicate via his eyes, and boy, they’re very expressive. It’s really anger and that unexpected want all rolled into one hell of a glare.

(I’m pretty sure that somewhere the writers are rolling on the floor, laughing evilly, and high-fiving each other.)

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#and somewhere Tex is quietly crying AHAHAHAHA

LOL, but seriously, he’s right there. If you look at the first frames of the scene, you can see his bent leg. xD

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I thought it couldn’t get better after this


I was wrong. I WAS SO WRONG.


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One of things I love most about this scene is the way he’s ready for her, he doesn’t hesitate when she throws herself on him. And then the dark look in his eyes after they’re pulled apart, I don’t know if that’s anger or want, lol but it’s dark.

I think, he leans down even before she’s pulling him into that kiss? As if he’s expecting her to do something (but definitely not kissing him) and is prepared to go with it.

Hell, yeah, that look is hot, and I think it’s a mix of both, anger and an unexpected rush of want. It makes the shipper in me flail uncontrollable. xD